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Straits Food Village

Food Courts
24 Hours Dining
Newly opened in December 2015, Straits Food Village is touted as “a rural settlement with sumptuous offerings of local and popular dishes”. Bringing with it the nostalgic flavours of old school Singapore, it promises to bring you delicious local fare like the peppery Bak Kut Teh and the simply scrumptious Nasi Lemak. Reminiscent of the hawker experience of old, it has self-service ordering kiosks where you can get your food quickly and piping hot—just the way it is meant to be enjoyed. With the range of delectable delights well-priced and an ambience that is clean and comfortable, Straits Food Village makes the ideal spot to have a taste of Singapore you will not forget.



Level 3, Departure Lounge (Central)

Opening hours:
24 Hours

Open now


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