• Please note that the Early Check-in service in Jewel will be available only from 17th April 2019 onwards. To find out if your airlines offers ECI in Jewel, please click here.?
  • Visitors heading to Jewel are advised to take public transport as heavy roadway traffic may be expected during busy periods. For more information on how to get to Jewel, please click here.?
  • Visitors to Jewel are encouraged to take public transport. Besides the MRT, you can take these buses to Changi – 24, 27, 34, 36, 53, 110 & 858.

    Drivers can also park at T2, T3 & T4. Parking is free at T4 for the first 3hrs (10am to 10pm). Free buses between T4 and Jewel run every 5mins (10am to 1am).

    Log-on to the iChangi App for update information about car park availability.


At Terminals 1, 2 and 3, security screening is conducted at the boarding gates.
At Terminal 4, the?security screening?is conducted after Departure Immigration.
You are required to?undergo security screening and have your hand-carried luggage X-rayed.

Follow the steps below for a hassle-free experience:

Security Screening Step 1: Prepare for inspection


Prepare your passport and boarding pass for inspection at the gate.

Security Screening Step 2: Remove liquids, aerosols and gels


Remove any liquids, aerosols and gels from your bag(s) and place them separately in the tray.

Liquids, aerosols or gels which are in containers larger than 100ml are not permitted.

Security Screening Step 3: Place electronics in separate tray


Place your electronics (e.g., laptops, mobile phones, tablets) and metallic items (e.g., keys, coins) in a separate tray. At Terminal 4, you can keep the items in your bag.

Security Screening Step 4: Remove outer wear, hats and any high-cut footwear


Remove all your outer wear (e.g., jacket, sweater, coat), hat and any high-cut footwear.

Security Screening Step 5: Place hand-carried luggage on conveyor belt


Place your hand-carried luggage onto the conveyor belt.

Security Screening Step 6: Walk through metal detectors or body scanners


Proceed through the walkthrough metal detectors or body scanners. Please note that you may be subject to an enhanced security screening process, if required.


As part of international safety measures to protect you and your loved ones when travelling, you may not bring prohibited items on board the aircraft.?It is an offence if you fail to comply with these measures, as the safety of all passengers on the flight could be endangered.

Generally, you must not take on board:

Firearms of any kind, including replicas and toys.


Pointed/edged weapons or sharp objects (e.g., multi-purpose tool kits of all sizes).?


Blunt objects (e.g., bats, skateboards and paddles).?


Chemical and toxic substances, as well as dangerous goods.?


Corrosive substances (e.g., batteries, mercury or drain cleaners)

Hand-carried luggage guidelines
  1. Hydrocarbon gas-powered hair curlers are limited to one per person.
    The safety cover must be securely fitted at all times over the heating element.
    Separate gas refills for such curlers are not permitted.

  2. Safety matches or lighters are permitted only when carried on the person.
    The lighter can contain only absorbed liquid or liquefied gas fuel. Refills are not permitted.

  3. Battery-powered wheelchairs are permissible as checked luggage only.
    However, do contact your airline in advance to check whether special conditions apply.

  4. Guidelines apply to Liquids, Aerosols and Gels in hand-carried luggage.
    If in doubt, please ask your airline staff for advice before your flight.

  5. Powder-like substances kept in a single container and which are heavier than 350g (or 350ml)?are prohibited by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in hand-carried bags on all?U.S.-based airlines as well as on non-stop flights to the U.S.A.?If you need to carry larger amounts of powdered substances, they must be in checked baggage. Exceptions to this include:?
    1. Duty-free purchases packed in Security Tamper Evident Bags (STEB). Restrictions may apply. Please check with your respective airline.
    2. Human remains
    3. Baby formula, if you are travelling with an infant
    4. Medication, accompanied by a doctor's letter.
      All powder-like substances in carry-on bags may be subjected to further screening. Please ask your airline for advice before your flight.



On 8 May 2007, Singapore implemented guidelines that restrict the amount of liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs)?that passengers can carry in their hand-carried luggage. LAGs that do not meet the guidelines must be checked-in.

Guidelines on LAGs
These apply to all flights departing from Singapore.

LAGs must be in containers with a maximum capacity of not more than 100ml each. LAGs in containers larger than 100ml will not be accepted, even if the containers are partially-filled.?If a container is marked in grams, it is assumed that 100g corresponds to 100ml.?

Place the containers (not exceeding 1 litre in total) in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag which must be completely closed.

Only one transparent, re-sealable plastic bag per passenger is allowed. The bag must be presented separately for examination at the security screening point.

All LAGs that do not meet the above requirements must be disposed of before the security screening point.

Exemptions may be made for baby food and breast milk, provided that an infant is travelling with you. Exemptions may also be made for special dietary items and medication accompanied with an original letter from certified medical practitioners. These items may be subjected to additional checks at the security screening point.

LAGs purchased at Changi which are in containers larger than 100ml should be kept sealed in their sealed tamper-evident bags provided by the shops, with the receipt clearly displayed in the sealed bags.? ??

Examples of LAGs
  1. Drinks (e.g., water or juices)
  2. Soups and sauces
  3. Perfumes and deodorants (liquid or liquid-solid mixture)?
  4. Creams, balms, lotions and oils
  5. Cosmetics (e.g., mascara or lip gloss)
  6. Pastes (e.g., toothpaste)
  7. Pressurised foams and sprays (e.g.,?shaving foam, hairspray or spray deodorants)
  8. Gels (e.g., hair or shower gels)
  9. Contact lens solution
  10. ?Canned food with liquid content
  11. ?Any other items of similar consistency

Purchasing LAGs at Changi

Shopping within Public Area
If you have purchased LAGs from shops within Changi Airport's Public Areas, please place the?items into your check-in luggage prior to checking-in for your flight. If the items do not exceed?a maximum capacity of 100ml per container,?you may hand-carry them in the 1-litre transparent and re-sealable plastic bag, which must be completely closed.


Shopping within Departure Transit Lounges
You can continue to purchase LAGs, such as liquor, wine, beer, perfumes and cosmetics,?at shops?located within Changi Airport's Departure Transit Lounges.
Please ensure that LAG purchased at Changi which are in containers larger than 100ml should be sealed in the sealed?tamper-evident bags provided by the shops,?with the receipt clearly displayed in the sealed bags.

If your items are in containers with a maximum capacity of not more than 100ml each,?you may?choose to hand-carry them in the 1-litre transparent and re-sealable plastic bag,?which must be completely closed.


If you are transferring or transiting at other airports, please check the restrictions applicable at those airports.
Do check with Changi Airport shop staff for details.


Cut-off time for LAGs purchases

If you are travelling to Australia or the United States, or are travelling on Delta Airlines or United Airlines,?you are strongly?encouraged?to?check with your respective airlines if you are eligible?to purchase LAGs?(liquor, perfumes and cosmetics only)?in Changi or?refer to this guide.?If eligible,?you must make?your purchase at least 90 minutes prior to the?departure time.?For all other passengers,?there is no?cut-off time for the purchase of LAGs in?Changi Airport?prior to the departure time.

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