Immigration Procedures

Overseas WiFi Router

Stay connected with your family and friends wherever you go without worrying about expensive data roaming costs. Enjoy convenient and secure international mobile broadband for all your smart devices from as low as S$12/day.

Simply rent an overseas WiFi router by making a reservation at?Changi Recommends?or visit the Changi Recommends booth (Terminal 2, Departure Hall).


Economy class passengers are allowed one piece of hand-carried luggage weighing up to 7kg (16lbs). The luggage's total length, width and height must measure no more than 115cm (46").

Please note that you should keep your portable chargers in your hand-carried luggage instead of checking them in.?For more information, do check the general Baggage Restrictions here or with your?airlines.

Most economy class passengers are permitted to check in up to 20kg of luggage. Do check with your airline as the actual luggage allowance vary by airline, destination and type of ticket held. For luggage in excess of the allowed weight, you may choose to either pay an excess baggage fee or airfreight it to your destination as unaccompanied luggage.

Do remember to check in any liquids, aerosols or gels which are in containers larger than 100ml.?For more information, check general?Baggage Restrictions?here?or with your?airlines.

Excess baggage rates vary by airline, destination and ticket type. Please contact your airline for actual rates.

Generally, you must not bring these items on board:?

  1. Firearms (including replicas or toys)
  2. Explosives (e.g., fireworks, flares or toy gun caps)
  3. Gases (e.g., compressed gas cylinders, tear gas, mace, pepper sprays or household aerosols)
  4. Flammable materials (e.g., petrol, lighter fuel, paint, thinners, non-safety matches, fire lighters or flammable glue)
  5. Poisons (e.g., weed killers, pesticides or insecticides)
  6. Corrosive substances (e.g., batteries, mercury or drain cleaners)
  7. Other dangerous goods (e.g., magnetised or radioactive material, or toxic or infectious substances like laboratory diagnostic samples)

Find out more about Baggage Restrictions here.


Visit the DHL Express Service Point located at the Changi Recommends Booth (Departure Hall, Terminal 2) to enjoy the convenience, speed and security of sending your excess baggage and gifts overseas.

Immigration Procedures

Worldwide Shipping

DHL delivers packages of all shapes, sizes and weights to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, with next-day delivery to major cities in Asia Pacific (including Hong Kong, Tokyo and Bangkok) at attractive rates.

With DHL’s track and trace capabilities, you’ll be also able to track your delivery via the Internet or your mobile phone.?

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