• (1/3)?From 16 May 2020, operations at T4 will be temporarily suspended with airlines to be relocated to the remaining terminals. For more info, please click here.
  • (2/3)?The opening hours for Shop & Dine outlets may have changed. For more details and the list of outlets which remain open in Changi Airport and Jewel, please?click here.
  • (3/3)?From 10 May 2020 2359hrs, all passengers arriving in and departing from Singapore on Singapore Airlines, Scoot, SilkAir and Jetstar Asia will be required to wear a mask and observe safe distancing measures throughout the flight. All passengers on flights to Singapore will also be required to undergo a verbal health declaration and temperature checks before boarding the aircraft at the point of origin. Please click here for more details.
  • (4/4) Please note that all Changi Rewards services are not available from 19 May 2020 02:00AM to 19 May 2020 05:00AM (SG time) due to a system enhancement. Please write in to us with your receipts attached at [email protected] for crediting of Changi Rewards points.

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